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People are asking.
"What is LUV Community?"

LUV Community starts with YOU! We are a group that gets surrounded by amazing people that care about giving back.

Paying It Forward must be implanted in the life of every human being.

Who are you helping today?


Become an internationally recognized model entity for its actions of LUV and KINDNESS


Bringing people to a better world where mutual help and sharing are part of everyone's daily life through the various social media and the example of his own actions.


Have you heard about l’Itinéraire ?

The L’Itinéraire Community Group’s mission is to support marginalized people, excluded from the traditional labor market, who have experienced homelessness, addiction, or suffering from mental health problems. Over the years, about 2,500 people have improved their quality of life by writing and selling the street newspaper.



Empowerment: The L’Itinéraire Community Group runs social economy projects that aim to increase the autonomy, skills and employability of people who want to improve their living conditions.

Social Entrepreneurship: The Itinerary is a social economy enterprise in which the value of entrepreneurship is shared by all its members. The actions of each participant are aimed at creating wealth, which is paid as income to individuals or is directly reinvested in the community to contribute to the purpose of the group.

Dignity: The people who make up the L’Itinéraire community have a great dignity, be it through their courage to take charge of their situation, to take charge of themselves or the mutual respect they wish to inspire through actions for create wealth.

Every donation make a difference. So please just do it! After you have done it send us a picture of you so we can add it to the WALL of FAME!